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27 February 2024

Hello readers,


I am Marshall Thomas, author of the Soldier of the Legion, Prophet of ConFree, and Seeker sci-fi series.  I'm addressing all readers who have read and enjoyed these series, and those readers who may wish to learn more about my books.  


As background, Soldier of the Legion is a six-book series, Prophet of ConFree is a six-book series  and Seeker will be another six-book series once it is complete.  So far I have written three books in the latest Seeker series (the last one is not yet in print).  I love writing and I love the stories and characters that I create.  I have been writing for many years and I know there are many readers who have read all my books and loved them — because they told me.  I'd like to hear from more readers about their experiences and thoughts on these books. 


I have repeatedly received emails from American and foreign military officers and enlisted and students and others  telling me how these stories saved or changed their lives for the better.  I love to receive this kind of truth direct from the reader.  It means more to me that my stories were helpful to others in the real world than just counting sales.  


So, if you love the series and are waiting for the next book, please write up why you enjoy the series and why others  may like it too.  I love hearing from fans who enjoy my books, and I encourage new readers.  I'll post  good reviews on the website.  They don’t have to be all good either – constructive criticism is also welcome.  Please send notes and reviews to


Best regards!



3 February 2024

All right folks, this is the News section and I've got some news.  I've just finished writing the third book in the Seeker series.  That's the good news!  So you may ask "Can I buy it now?"  Clearly you have not published any books lately.   The answer is you can buy it after the editing is done, and the corrections to the draft are done, and the starmaps and illustrations are updated and inserted, and the glossary is updated, and I give the document one last read-through, and the proper forms are all filled out with the publisher, and the draft is sent to the publisher, and the publisher sends the draft to me, and I approve it again and the publisher sends it to the printer, and the printer prints it and sends it to me, and I read it through once again, and spot all those little problems that I had not noted before, and I send the draft to the publisher once again  - well you get the idea.  


Yes!  You will be able to buy it soon.  Most authors don’t define the word 'soon'  but I've shown you above what it means.  Hang in there for a month or so, and I'll have more good news for you!  


I really appreciate my readers!  If anyone wants to  review my last two books, or comment on my two book trailers, please do so. You can write a few sentences or a few paras, whatever you like.  


Best regards,




14 February 2023

It's been awhile since I posted in the News section.  Have no fear, I'm still here.  I've been distracted by other issues but I am now writing, again.  I'm roughly half way through Seeker Book Three, which makes me feel real good.   The book has no title yet, that comes later.  It strikes me that writing a book is like planting and nourishing a tree. As new branches grow like new chapters, the tree slowly takes form into a satisfying whole.  Some of the branches are mine, but some pop up unexpectedly.   I love it when that happens.   I would be delighted to hear from my readers  with comments on Seeker Books One and Two.  Also any opinions on my first two book trailers will be welcome.  I hope you are  looking forward to my new book.  Best regards to everyone!

3 April 2021

The new website is live! We hope you like it.


9 December 2021

Please see the Seeker and the Pathways of the Gods page above to view my new YouTube book trailer. I welcome any comments. Is this a good book trailer?

23 October 2021

Please see the Prophet and Deadman’s Dogs page above to view my new YouTube book trailer for Deadman’s Dogs. This is my first book trailer. Please let me know what you think of it. I plan more book trailers for the Seeker series.

12 September 2021

Greetings to all! My new book is now published and available for sale: Seeker and the Spirit Shifters is an exciting adventure story, book Two of the Seeker series. It is now available in e-book and paperback from my publisher Booklocker, and in paperback from both Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Apple and Kobo will also soon be available. E-book versions are also in the works for Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple and Kobo. Please see the Purchase page above for details.

24 July 2021

Prophet and the Spirit Shifters heads to the publisher. 

3 June 2021

Greetings to readers old and new.  It's time for another brief on what the author has been up to and when the next volume in the Seeker series is due.  Seeker Book Two is written and now with my editor.  The cover art is done and it’s beautiful work.  We are also updating starmaps, creating new logos and a glossary and layout designs and illustrations.

It's still too early to predict exactly when this book will be in print but when it happens you will read about it right here.  I had a blast writing this story and if you are a Soldier of the Legion fan I'm sure you will enjoy it.

I am anxious for more reader feedback on my previous book, Seeker and the Pathways of the Gods.  If you have a few minutes please drop me an e-mail to

Best regards, Marshall

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