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The first book in the Legion series is available in audiobook form. The unabridged, full-cast, 9-hour dramatization has been brought to life by the talented cast and crew from Timberwolf Productions.

The first two episodes are available to sample.

Unabridged Full-Cast Audio Dramatization

9 hours 7 minutes total

Intended for Mature Audiences (violence, language, adult situations). Originally produced by Timberwolf Productions. 2002 Finalist in Audio Fiction, ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year Awards.

The Soldier of the Legion audiobook is now available from Amazon and Audible for download and streaming. 

Please see the Purchase page for details.  


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July 2014 - The unabridged, full-cast audiobook version of Soldier of the Legion (Book One) was an impressive achievement on many levels. A listener recently contacted the author to give his impression of the audio and I thought his comments were so illuminating that I asked and received his permission to quote from his email. The following is from Konstantin Stoyanov, who enjoyed the audio:

"I listened to your book Soldier of the Legion a couple of months ago, on an impulsive urge to try something new, and I thought it is an absolutely fantastic book. I loved the universe you have created and the distinct characters you have portrayed. I am a big sci-fan in all of its forms but I have to say that the Audio book being in a performance form made my hair stand almost all the time while I was listening.

I have to say I have listened to ridiculous amounts of audio books while driving for 3 hours every day in heavy traffic with nothing better to do but there are only two books I have listened with such intensity that I could feel shivers travel through my body as if I am experiencing the fictional reality myself. So far I have listened to the performance of Soldier of the Legion three times, and every time it has the same effect on me as if it was the first time, incredible connection with the action, palpable feeling that I am experiencing firsthand what is going on — it is absolutely astounding.

I am not sure how the audio version of the book was created but the producer and cast that gave it life in my humble opinion are meant to be doing this. I was amazed at the amazing attention to detail throughout the whole production, sure the big bangs and explosions were nice and the shooting sound effects were excellent but I wanted to to share my awe of the little things:

  • The barely audible noise of a space ship engine that could be heard throughout the whole hull of the space craft while a dialogue is being carried inside or the protagonist thinks to himself.

  • The subtle environmental noises that can be heard throughout every moment of the book.

  • The fit of the voice performing the character where I feel that the actor or actress sounds exactly as how I would imagine the fictional character would sound in real life based on her description. The intonation and inflexion subtleties executed flawlessly by the cast was astounding.

  • The clever use of simulated environments (e.g., suit radio transmissions, etc.), which add another level to my experience.

All of these little details, chapter after chapter, immersed me deeper and deeper into the experience of your book up to the point where I found myself subconsciously chanting the legion's prayer as they are about to go into battle. I have the urge to listen to the book again just thinking about it. It is an absolutely fantastic feat of creativity and quality."

 — Reviewed by Konstantin Stoyanov

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