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What do you owe the future, and what do you owe the past?

With the hated totalitarian System on the verge of collapse and the dreaded alien Omnis observing an unexpected truce, veteran soldier of the Legion Thinker has finally found happiness with his wife Priestess in a cozy home raising his children and teaching new Legion recruits. It is a dream he never thought possible, a haven of peace and comfort. It is also short-lived, as a savage massacre of Outworlder settlers on the Outvac planet Fortuna leads the Confederation of Free Worlds to all out war with the Gassies world Asumara. Only not everything is as it appears, and soon the Legion finds itself fighting for the survival of its civilization against a shadowy enemy willing to do the unthinkable to destroy ConFree.

Return to the Legion for this final book of the Soldier of the Legion Series.

The last book in the Soldier of the Legion series, Curse of the Legion, has been selected as a finalist in the 2010 ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year Award for science fiction. This is the third book in the series that has been so honored. Needless to say, the author is happy. To find out why the judges liked it, buy a copy today.

Excerpt from Barnes & Noble


Excerpt from Barnes & Noble

I'm a little sad to see this excellent sci-fi series end. I've fought horrific battles with the characters, visited frightening or beautiful worlds, stood my ground with them as life exploded in flames around them, and watched them mature through every harrowing assignment. With skill and compassion, the author brought these characters to life for me. I'll miss these courageous Legion immortals, forever young and strong as they seek truth and justice throughout the known universe.

As Book 6 begins, our hero Thinker and his fellow warrior Priestess are happily raising their son in peace. Their contented extended family includes Millie, the nurse who single handedly saved humanity from a killer virus; Millie and Thinker's daughter; Moontouch and Stormdawn, Thinker's first wife and son; and LiLo, the devoted biogen who looks after Thinker's children. All are citizens of ConFree — the Confederation of Free Worlds — an idealistic societyof one people, one language, one culture where there is no crime, no prisons, and no taxes. Life would be perfect, if only ConFree and the Legion could forge a lasting truce with the Systies — the United System Alliance — and the Omnis, those grotesque spider-like creatures who feast on human flesh and blood.

ConFree's uneasy truce with the Omnis falls apart when the O's invade a friendly world and slaughter ConFree citizens, taking Moontouch prisoner. Why would the O's break the truce and capture Moontouch? No one knows more about fighting the Omnis than Thinker. Despite Priestess's protests, he returns to active Legion status to rescue Moontouch and search for answers. A cryptic message from the O's and psychic pleas from Moontouch lead Thinker through a maze of conflicting clues to the truth.

The Systies have been manipulating behind the scenes, starting wars while protesting innocence. The Systie culture is not much different than our world today. Crime, class hatred, envy, greed, puppet governments, and endless wars are the norm and have bankrupted their society. The only hope they have of regaining wealth and power is through a protracted war that pits ConFree against the O's to the death. Will ConFree and the O's fall into the trap? Thinker doesn't care about politics or power. He wants Moontouch safely by his side and will battle the Universe to save her or die trying.

Thomas does a bang up job of tying all the loose ends together in this final book of the series. Along the way he delivers the excitement I've come to expect from this fine series and gives readers much to contemplate. Do we want a future that is as dangerous and unstable as our present, and our past? Do we want to continue housing criminals at immeasurable expense to citizens? Do we want to continue supporting a legal maze that, in the end, protects the guilty and punishes the innocent? Are we sheep, standing idly by while power players sell us down the drain, or will we be like Thinker and his Legion, fighting for truth and justice no matter where it leads? Perhaps we need to take a lesson from the ConFree mandate: "Always seek the truth. If your civilization chooses to embrace a lie, it will be rapidly extinguished from history."

Each book in this series is a stand-alone read, but I suggest reading each book in order. This series is a hallmark of good writing and exciting fiction and is highly recommended. My compliments to the author, and to Ridan Publishing.

 — Review by Laurel Johnson

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