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Kill your enemies, or they will kill you.

The Dark Cloud War is an endless nightmare for Exploitation recon trooper Prophet and his squadies. The alien Choakar are wreaking havoc on Berichros, joined by the Realm, slaughtering millions with GX bioweapons. Strange intruders suddenly appear in the war zone and Prophet and Exploitation must resolve the problem.

As more allies join ConFree to battle the aliens, Prophet meets his comrades from the past — Biogens, Assidics, free Tribal Demons, AI Indies, and Brights. They find themselves marching with the dead, distant thunder moving closer, metal rain showering them all as rival spirit armies fight to the death.

As the war moves to resolution, Prophet's exhausted comrades are dropping out of their old fellowship. Word comes that the Realm and the Brights are planning peace negotiations on Earth, but the revolutionaries Terra Rising have their own ideas. Earth is Prophet's private Hell and he knows he cannot avoid it

Returning to civilian life at last, Prophet learns of a shadowy effort to destroy ConFree with new and invincible weaponry. He knows ConFree is doomed, but nobody believes him. He reaches out to his closest comrade and it is an army of two against the Realm.

Excerpt from BookLocker

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"I'm so excited for the last entry into the Prophet series. It feels like just yesterday I was reading about Prophet walking through the Legion Gate. I really hope SOTL continues on after this series. Perhaps in the form of a prequel series before even the O's. Which ever way the series goes it'll always have a place in my favorites and I will always want to have another reread of it to see all my favorite psychos tear up the galaxy in the name of the future. And I'll always be checking the site for news on more books from this fantastic author."

 — Reader Comment, Wolf

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