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Bleed for ConFree, and ConFree will bleed for you


The galaxy is changing.  Deadly enemies are becoming trusted allies, and the Prophets of Galactic Resources face new challenges as mysterious alien spies appear in ConFree.  "A revolution is not done in a day," rebel Demons say.  The ConFree Legion faces endless war, and Prophet knows there is no escape for a soldier of the Legion, as the mission is not over until he is KIA.

"Growing up in a free state is not for sissies," Honeyhair advises her daughter.  A false peace looms when the bloody Pherdos campaign is concluded and a truce is declared on Earth.  ConFree may be at peace but the Legion is still at war.  A huge starfleet of enemy aliens approaches humanity's little slice of the galaxy.  The prophets risk all to obtain the truth, side by side with their alien comrades, but Galactic Information's politicized bureaucracy refuses to accept it.  Galactic Resources is abolished,

Prophet and his blood comrades are told to stand down on a critical rescue mission.  But the mission is clear:  disregard the orders, liberate the hopeless, and light up the world.

On their return the Prof advises that the war is starting and attendance is mandatory for all. 

Excerpt from BookLocker


"In life, we are constantly evolving as we process our ever-changing life experiences. To be a truly realistic book series about a set of universes in a constant state of flux, it is a virtual necessity that the "core characters" and some collateral characters reflect those effects in the way they and their interactions are portrayed over time. It is a difficult and daunting task to remain true to the theme of a series, while allowing the characters themselves to evolve and to mirror the cumulative efforts of their preceding experiences - without detracting from the nature of their spirits/core values. Marshall has done a masterful job of introducing both new characters and changes to "old" characters in a way that both reflects and compliments the ever-changing dynamics between ConFree and the other universes and beings that co-exist with it, and those that continue to resist the freedoms and morals of ConFree. As I came near the end of Fields of Glory, I sensed the gateway to a continuing saga that will not disappoint. As in our own lives, just when we think we have "arrived," those of us who are observant quickly discover that we have merely "arrived" at out next "point of departure" for the next trajectory of our lives and our respective nations. Long live ConFree! Congratulations on Fields of Glory!"

— Review by Word-Warrior of Florida

I just finished reading your latest book and I have to say that I am very disappointed...

That I have to wait for book six!

Seriously, I'm not much for writing fan mail but I wanted to thank you for the great stories that you have shared with the Soldier and Prophet series. Your writing style really resonated with me. The way you express the feelings of your characters is something that I have not encountered in my readings. 

This book was different. With so many new players I guess I shouldn't have been surprised when a resolution wasn't really reached in this book. But it is incredibly frustrating to have to wait for it! When I watch TV shows I rarely watch new shows. I just can't stand waiting a whole week. I was fortunate in that I didn't come across Soldier until a few years ago and I was able to read the whole story without waiting. When I discovered Prophet I just couldn't help myself. What curse have you placed on me!!

I look forward to reading the continuation. What happens to Saso? What about the Travellers? Will the Realm finally be vanquished? 

After you finish the Prophet series I hope that you will continue expanding this universe. I would love to read about the founding of Confree! 

Thanks again.  Now get writing!!!!

— Review by Scott

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