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Marching Down the Magic Road


In the wake of an apocalyptic alien attack on Quaba, the young prophets of ConFree struggle to rebuild their shattered nation.  Charges of desertion and treason are the least of their worries.  Delta Research is no more; ConFree now faces an endless war with Dark Haven.  An embittered Prophet is alone, assigned to a new regiment, pledged to victory or death against all-powerful enemies.  He is soon lost in the titanic struggle 

Unexpectedly ordered home from the battlefield, Prophet is reassigned to Galactic Information.  As dark dreams intrude, allied Biogens call for help from ConFree.  The threat is universal:  a lovely, bewitching shape-shifter from the edge of the galaxy is poised to destroy mankind, and she's going to start with Prophet.  The creature's siren song may result in self-extinction for human civilization unless it is stopped.  

Prophet and his comrade Arie respond, but the situation is more complex than imagined.  Prophet finds himself blood-pledged to the Biogens, in the grip of merciless demons, marching down a magic road, following the footsteps of the Gods with faith and love and courage.  Fear no evil, Bees says, for you are already in the land of death - and you are the light in the dark.  

Excerpt from BookLocker


Hello Mr. Thomas, I'm writing this to you a short while after finishing your latest book Prophet and the Creature from Eternity.  I just wanted to thank you for these books which have touched me so deeply.  Few authors have captivated me like you have, and even fewer have managed to bring me to tears.  I first encountered your book Soldier of the Legion when I heard the audio drama on XM a few years ago.  Since then I have been an avid reader of both the Soldier and the Prophet series, and I can't wait to read book 5 when it comes out.  Again, thank you.   Andy.

 — Reader Comment, Andy in Valdosta, Georgia

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