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The Mission

The Mound rises up against the skyline, an imposing, brooding presence, dark and silent.  It appears to be completely deserted. A layer of brilliant white snow dusts the top of the massive circular structure, glittering in the sunlight. Vents on the roof spew faint plumes of smoke that drift off slowly in a light breeze.

I know we're going to die — all of us. But it's all right. We had seen the O's crucified victims, up on metal stakes, on our way to the Mound. It was almost as if they were pointing the way, raising their wasted arms, opening their filmy eyes, shrieking silent screams. My brothers and sisters, silently urging us on — to the Mound.

I'm not afraid of death any more. All I want is revenge.

Slave of the Legion is the third book of a six part series that follows trooper Thinker's adventures in the service of the people of ConFree. Other titles in the series include Soldier of the Legion, March of the Legion, Secret of the Legion, Cross of the Legion, and Curse of the Legion.

Excerpt from Barnes & Noble


In book three of this exceptional series, the Beta warriors are harder and colder, stunned by the ongoing war with the Omnis. Thinker, Snow Leopard, Psycho, Priestess, and Dragon have survived. Half their team is dead, and new replacements can't compare with seasoned comrades of the Omni wars. The Beta team feels doomed, resigned to dying as they take the battle deep into Omni-held territory to penetrate a frightening place called The Mound. Deep inside The Mound, Beta will find the answer to defeating the Omnis.

One new addition to the Beta team is Tara, a psychic slaver atoning for past sins. Tara and Thinker have a history, back in their youth before the Legion when life held promise for them both. Now they both know there are very few safe havens left in a hostile universe. The Omnis come from an alternate universe and see humankind as vermin, fit only for elimination. They are a superior fighting force with the ability to control minds and actions. Only the Beta team stands between the Omnis and a universal holocaust. 

Marshall S. Thomas excels at creating memorable characters and horrifying, realistic battles in dark territories far from home. He skillfully shows readers the physical and psychological toll taken on the warriors who sacrifice everything to keep humanity safe. Each battle fought for humanity's cause, whether won or lost, brings Beta closer to a strange salvation. These futuristic warriors, like those of their past, face horrifying violence so others can sleep peacefully in their beds at night without fear. Thomas makes it clear that war is not all guts and glory, and that's why I say his Legion series is exceptional.

— Review by Laurel Johnson for Midwest Book Review

Writer's Digest
16th Annual International Self-published Book Awards
Commentary Sheet
Author: Marshall S Thomas
Title: Slave of the Legion
Category: Genre Fiction
Judge: 30

On a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 meaning "poor" and 5 meaning "excellent," please evaluate the following:

Plot: 5
Grammar: 5
Character Development: 5
Cover design: 5

Judge's commentary:

What did you like best about this book? This book is extremely visual thanks to the expertise and skills of the author. While reading Slave of the Legion I had no trouble whatsoever picturing the many faceted characters and creatures or the locations where the action takes place. In many ways, this book reminded me of the Star Wars movies. In no way is it a copy, the story and characters are original, but the author has done a superb job of describing everything that the book unfolds in the mind of the reader much like a movie.

All of the dialogue sounds realistic for the story time and place and it moves the plot along and gives insight to the characters. Though a part of a series, the author has done an excellent job of bringing the reader right into the story making it possible to enjoy without having read the previous book(s). Not always an easy task, but done marvelously well with this book.

How can the author improve this book? No suggestions as this is an extremely well-done science fiction story. The author should do everything possible on the Net and elsewhere to let all science fiction lovers (know) about his book(s).

— Comments by Writer's Digest

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