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Victory or Death!

Welcome to the kitchen of the Gods, a forbidding volcanic cauldron guarded by merciless, invulnerable Omni aliens and giant, primitive exosegs. As the young Legion trooper Thinker and his comrades of Squad Beta fight their way into the Camp of the O's on Andrion 3, they fear their only mission is to die for the Legion. Their enemy has never known defeat, and they find themselves helpless and terrified in the grip of the alien's awesome psypower. The battlefield is soon littered with the pitted, smoking A-suits of Thinker's closest comrades.

The secrets that the squad uncovers on Andrion 3 will transform galactic politics and launch Beta into a seemingly suicidal attack against Omni targets on a hostile System world. As they drop onto Mongera like microbes, they know it must be victory or death. Failure will mean extinction for their species. Forced to cooperate with their sworn Systie enemies, they meet the O in a burning city and duel with it under nuclear skies. Thinker's Legion lover Priestess is right by his side, and they vow they will live or die together. They both know that immortality is a cruel joke for a Legion trooper, and the angel of death is with them every instant. As he advances on the O, Thinker is filled with a burning resolve and vows that if he goes out it will be with a record body count.

In the era of total galactic warfare, can one squad really make a difference?

Excerpt from Barnes & Noble


"The Legion series is a lot of fun to read — good escapism, good (speculative) science and some moralizing. Ordered all six and read straight through."

— Review by L.C. Mercer on Amazon

"It's been a long wait for the second in this exciting series of sci-fi books. I must admit that the attraction for me is Marshall Thomas's writing style and story telling ability. This book picks up where the last left off, with the Legion facing a scourge that threatens all life forms throughout the universe — the Omnis. Once again, the action is heart pounding, the characters believable and well developed. This time, adding interest to the plot, the Legion juggles political intrigue and betrayal along with fighting the Omnis ... Readers experience breath taking action and frightening battles on alien worlds ... Sci-fi fans or readers who enjoy good writing should love this book. This series is highly recommended."


— Review by Laurel Johnson for Midwest Book Review

"Marshall Thomas returns with the second installment in his military science fiction series detailing the adventures of the soldiers of the Legion, in particular those of Beta Squad, as told by Thinker, a young man who embraces his fate to live or die for the Legion...

The galaxy is divided between the System — an empire that has enslaved the worlds of the inner systems, and the Confederation of Free Worlds, or ConFree. The ConFree is defended by the Legion — male and female soldiers clad in A suits...who live only to fight and die together...and who are tasked with saving human civilization.

Thomas' prose is a return to the breathless, adjective-heavy style of the classic pulps, with non-stop descriptions, deep-dyed evil alien monstrosities, and rousing battle sequences...

The book moves along at a breakneck pace, with plenty of suspense. However, he's also introduced a love triangle into the mix — with Thinker as the object of affection between Valkyrie — a top-notch killing machine, and Priestess, a medic, and we're frequently treated to Thinker's agonizing over his betrayal of Valkyrie and his emotions for Priestess...

Thomas has created an intense view of the future, designed and populated over twenty years worth of work. If you like military science fiction in the style of the classic pulps, chances are you'll enjoy this series."


— Review by Caroline Miniscule for The Thunder Child Science Fiction & Fantasy Web Magazine

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