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Cover art by Lee McGuire


Immortality and death on the Pathways of the Gods

Seeker and the Pathways of the Gods contains 682 action-packed pages that bring the reader fully into the disintegrating nation of the Confederation of Free Worlds, where tyrannical alien subversives have seized control and national suicide is government policy. The ship of state is adrift, riding stormy seas, guided by bigots who hate the people of ConFree and seek the total destruction of the Confederation.

The NewFam invaders have seized control of society. The people are weak, helpless and leaderless, stunned by close to a hundred years of relentless hateprop from the alien enemy. Something new and evil is emerging, but resistance is unthinkable.

Despite a generation of thought control and endless hateprop, embittered ConFree youth are still volunteering for a weakened ConFree Legion. The Legion is being disbanded and merged into the People's Militia, but the ConFree Legion is not quite dead. Four hundred years of service to the people of ConFree will not disappear quietly into the night. Is it indeed too late, or will the new Legion recruits risk it all to do the right thing for the women and children of ConFree?

Contents certified politically incorrect by Galactic Information.

Excerpt from BookLocker

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Five stars. Don’t let the price fool you - it’s 4 books in 1 and worth every penny!

I could not imagine how Thomas was going to eclipse or even parallel his prior books; but, he has done it again!  Full disclosure, I received mine as a gift, but I liked it so much that I just bought a copy to give as a gift!  As always, Thomas writes so well and on so many levels.  For the pure sci-fi/sci-fan adventure reader, it is another action-packed book with plenty of extras.  For those who want to probe deeper, it is almost like reading tomorrow's headlines today - with plenty to keep the reader engaged.  For the intellectual/academic reader, it is like reading a sci-fi/sci-fan version of "The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire," but with a lot more action and more unexpected twists.  I think of it as a 4-book anthology of "The Rise and Fall ... and Nascent Rise Again of Confree."  If I could give it 10 stars, I would.  Anyone who liked any of the Legion or Prophet books, it's a must read.  For everyone else, "you really ought to try it -  you'll like it"!

 — Reviewed by BC on April 29, 2020

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