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Prophet of ConFree — Book one of the new series from the author of the Soldier of the Legion series.


An ancient enemy threatens the galaxy. Squad Delta of the ConFree Legion stands in the way:

  • A terrified recruit who does not belong in the Legion

  • A hostile squad leader who just wants to be left alone

  • A shy young trooper who responds to insults with a front face kick

  • Two man-hating girls, one black, one white, daring anyone to say a word 

  • A trained killer from the Deadman Scouts

  • A scholarly young PhD who signs up out of despair

  • An Assidic militant who wants only to serve the state

  • A refugee from race hate who can’t stop smiling

  • A Phantom pilot who owns his own starship

“Who are these people, anyway?” the Director of ConFree asks.
“I told you,” the Director of Galactic Information replies. “They’re just ordinary troopers.”
“Well our ordinary troopers are damned extraordinary, I’ll say that.”

It is fifty years after the last events outlined in Curse of the Legion. A new generation of recruits has walked through the Legion Gate. And formidable new challenges face the ConFree Legion. But the mission does not change: defend the women and children of the Confederation of Free Worlds from everything that would threaten them.

Excerpt from BookLocker


I’m happy to see this first book in a new sci fi series by Marshall S. Thomas.  As a reader, I was drawn into the action so thoroughly I became part of the Legion.  I saw, felt, heard, and smelled everything in real time.  His Soldier of the Legion series has ended.  With this book, he introduces readers to Squad Delta, a new generation of Legion warriors.
Richard Rains grew up in an idyllic Confree society where insulting people is illegal.  He’s a mouthy 17-year-old, labeled a “parasite” because he contributes nothing helpful to society.  Rains has two options:  go to jail or join the Legion.  He chooses the Legion and becomes Prophet of Squad Delta.  Delta is an odd mix of races and personalities, all societal rejects in one way or another.  The Legion goals and philosophies soon transform them into a cohesive team of competent, immortal troopers, each with individual strengths and gifts.  The young troopers are now part of a world where Confree provides devoted care to members of their military and serves citizens without the usual political greed or guile.  
The scourge of the Universe was previously the Omnis – horrible aliens with formidable weapons the Legion had never seen.  When an unknown race of ancient aliens attack an Omni planet, their weapons and capabilities make fighting the Omnis seem like child’s play.  The Legion calls these new enemies from another dimension Demons, a fitting designation.  The Demons are more vicious than the Omnis, and far more advanced in every way.  When Squad Delta captures a living Demon, they learn that the only entities the Demons fear are a race they call the Brights.  In an intriguing plot development, the Brights turn out to be angel-like beings who were human ancestors in ancient times.
Somehow, Confree troopers must overcome the Demons.  Prophet and his squad fight ferocious land and air battles so realistic I held my breath and battled alongside them.  Legion troopers are sworn to fight evil wherever they find it, and nothing has ever been more evil and ghastly than the Demons.  Will Confree survive?  Can Squad Delta stay alive long enough to eliminate the Demons?  And will the Brights be allies or adversaries?  You’ll have to read the book to find those answers. 
As in every book by Thomas, the characters are well-developed, the plot fast-paced, and the action thrilling.  Highly recommended for sci fi devotees and readers who relish detailed, well-written prose.

 — Laurel Johnson, Midwest Book Review

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